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Case Studies

Data Systems and Games serves public and private entities, including the Georgia Lottery, Georgia Bureau of Investigations, and Atlanta Public Schools. Below are examples of technology solutions delivered by DSG to some of our clients.

Data Systems and Games, Inc. and the Atlanta Public Schools

The Atlanta Public Schools selected DSG to help them execute a Pre-K lottery using a randomized number sequence. After assessing the school system's needs DS&G proposed a computerized lottery solution that included source code and intellectual property, data entry, hardware, personnel, reports, and testing and validation.

DS&G fully tested, validated/verified, and operated the program, before the actual lottery draw. On the day of the draw, DS&G provided all hardware necessary to perform the Pre-K Lottery, including but not limited to computers, computer screens, printers, etc. We also provided all necessary personnel to operate the APS lottery, including but not limited to programmers, data entry persons, personnel to operate the lottery on the days of registration and the draw.

APS received results immediately following the lottery draw, which were differentiated according to APS specifications. DS&G produced all reports, including a statistical analysis of the winners by zone. The results were provided in a Word document and in electronic format at the end of the day of the lottery draw. A CPA was present on the day of the draw to certify that the draw was performed correctly and with integrity.

Data Systems and Games, Inc. and the Georgia Lottery Corporation

Since 1993, DS&G has helped ensure that Georgia retailers can sell lottery tickets. As  the computer back-up data center for GTECH, the primary supplier of systems and services for the Georgia Lottery, we handle a variety of tasks involved in running the games to include troubleshooting potential network problems and ensuring swift disaster recovery in the event of an unplanned outage.

The Georgia Lottery Corporation mandates that lottery games remain fully oper-ational from 6:00 a.m. to midnight, with significant per minute fines levied for any unexpected system interruption. We are pleased to have maintained an outstand-ing 'uptime' rate throughout this engagement.

Lottery services include:

  • Full duplication of primary data center operations, as 'back up'
  • Network monitoring, troubleshooting and disaster recovery
  • Around the clock operations
  • Processing of daily wagers and reporting
  • Quality assurance testing for new games prior to launching online
  • Support from knowledgeable, well-trained team

Data Systems and Games and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI)

Knowing the potential danger of relying on imperfect data, the GBI sought a part-ner to oversee data entry operations of the Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC). DS&G has been that trusted partner since 1996.

In this engagement with the GBI, DS&G transferred final disposition report records (also known as offender based tracking system forms) to the GCIC centralized criminal history database by customizing software to upload the report data. Needless to say that these records require complete accuracy.  

DS&G was required to produce a minimum of 40,000 documents per month - all of varying length and complexity - with an error rate no higher than 3 percent. We consistently exceeded the GBI's requirements by maintaining an error rate of less than 1 percent.

In addition to processing massive volumes of documents, we provided custom reports for multiple levels of management and provided dedicated resources for the data entry of the GBI's Georgia Uniform Crime Reports, custody and family violence reports, both of which were forwarded to the Federal Bureau of Invest-igations (FBI) for their use. By having a dedicated partner in DS&G, the GBI demonstrated its commitment to having Georgia's criminal records among the most accurate, reliable, and current in the nation.